Who is WAHA?

The Working at Height Association of Australia (WAHA) was established in 2009 in response to the industry’s demand for a peak body to provide information and support for businesses needing to address working at height issues.

Formerly known as the Fall Protection Manufacturer’s Association (FPMA), the members identified the need to expand its scope of involvement to offer a forum for commercial businesses as well as training companies, consumers and all those involved in working at height issues to develop a pathway to higher safety standards.

Working at height is a risk that affects people not only working g above ground level – it also affects those working below ground – essentially anywhere there is a risk of a fall form one level to another.

Therefore work in confined spaces is an area off focus for the association, forming a category to address these specific issues in 2016.

The WAHA is there essentially dedicated to the ongoing development of the highest standards of equipment and operational competency of all persons working height and in confined spaces.