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WAHA Endorsed Training Course Development

WAHA Secretary - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

All Association members know the focus the Association places on the training, education and certification of people required to work at height. However, Training Category members continue to protest at the level of inadequate training being made available by some companies (and individuals) in the market.

At this stage, the Association has no plans to enter the training certification or the training delivery market but it is now supporting the Training Category in proposals from Category members on the development the minimum elements and performance criteria required for a Basic Safe Working at Height course.

This will be a listing of elements covering both theory and practical exercises - including the physical use of certain items of equipment - that MUST be covered if the course content has to receive WAHA accreditation.

Theory elements will cover such issues as legislation and risk assessment, equipment types, performance characteristics and inspection methods as well as understanding fall clearances and the importance of rescue planning.-

Practical exercises undertaken by each trainee will include the demonstration and use of basic height safety equipment - harnesses, lanyards, SRL’s and anchor selection and use.

The course content will also specify the minimum number of training hours that will be required to teach the course content including examining students effectively as well as defining a maximum student / instructor ratio for effective training.

Options to add specific specialist working at height competencies (e.g. tower work) - again specifying equipment use and competency examination - may be added at later stages.

The Training Category has also agreed to temporarily combine with the Confined Space Category to develop similar course content / time frame requirements covering Basic Safe Working in Confined Space training.

It is hoped that the WAHA endorsed course content material will be available before the end of the year.

Accredited training organisations that wish to participate in course material generation are encouraged to join the Association.


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