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Single Point Anchor Safety Issues Continue to cause Concern

WAHA Secretary - Wednesday, November 02, 2016

The number of reports from Installer Category members on the sighting of incorrectly installed single point anchors has increased dramatically in the last few months. Common complaints include the anchor not being fixed correctly - and exactly in line with - manufacturers instructions. Incorrect fixing includes both the use of insufficient fixing points on the anchor or using an incorrect fixing method (e.g. tech screws instead of rivets).

It is absolutely critical that the system owner or facility manager retains the system file. This file should include details of the planned work to be undertaken on the system, the work method statement on which the layout design was based and any design calculations. The file should also include the manufacturers fixing instructions and the test certificates provided by the system installer. It is also good practice for the system owner to maintain system usage records. The system file needs to be made available to any inspector / re-certifier requested to inspect and recertify the system. The re-certification process cannot effectively be done correctly without the system file information.

Other common faults relate to incorrect labelling - including the attachment of labels to the actual connection point (where the label will be liable to be destroyed by the forces and movement of the connecting device). Many other complaints relate to installation being carried out by tradesmen that have not demonstrated that they have been approved by the anchor manufacturer as having been trained and certified as competent to carry out installation work exactly to the system design and to the manufacturers installation instructions. This manufacturer certification applies to the individual employees carrying out the installation work as well as to their employing company.

Installer Category members are currently working on how best to take these issues on unsafe installation to both the market and to the Regulators. Association members believe that system user lives are seriously at risk.


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