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WAHA Secretary - Monday, January 23, 2012

The Working at Height Association (WAHA) is launching an E-Newsletter to better communicate with members and with the Height Safety market in general. The Association intends to keep the market appraised of its activities to improve the safety of those required to work at height.

WAHA E-News has been designed to regularly update members - and the market in general - on activities that are underway or planned to help promote the safety of people working at height. The Association will be preparing its own briefs based on its market representation activities but it also requests input from members and other interested parties on local and national issues or events that can

assist in promoting an increased awareness on height safety related matters.

E-News will be delivered electronically to all WAHA members and other registered recipients. The newsletter itself will be limited to a short version of the topic with a link provided to the full article which

can also be downloaded from the WAHA website.

If you have any events or issues you wish to raise with WAHA please use the "Contact Us" page on the website.

This first version of E-News covers the launch of both the establishment of Working at Height Association from the Fall Protection Manufacturers Association and the E-News communication media as well as the current status on the Association's activity on the development of a new Australian Standard on single Point Anchors.

Welcome to E-News!!


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