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Australian Standards Update

WAHA Secretary - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The two main Australian Standards referencing equipment for use in working at height activities are well known by those in the industry. The AS/NZS1891 Series covers industrial fall arrest devices with Parts 1, 2 and 3 of that Standard looking at the design and testing of equipment (commonly called the manufacturing Standards) and Part 4 covering the Selection Use and Maintenance of that equipment (commonly called the user Standard).

More recently AS/NZS5532 - a manufacturing design and testing Standard for single point anchorages - was released to the market.

Both AS/NZS1891 Series and AS/NZS5532 are currently valid Standards and carry that authority in the market.

The Standards Australia Joint Technical Committee SF015 has long been responsible for the development of the Standards and also has a responsibility for reviewing the standards in light of new technology. The Committee recently commenced a review of the AS/NZS1891 Series. However, it needs to be made clear that, while this review is underway, the existing Standard remains current and in force.

In this review, the Committee is discussing the possibility of amending Part 1 of the existing Standard into 3 individual sections - harnesses, lanyards and connectors - to ease any changes that may be required in years to come. It is also looking at referencing other American, European and International Standards to reflect the global community whilst retaining specialist requirements for the Australian market (e.g. UV protection standards for webbing materials). Work is in its early stages and no changes have been proposed by the Committee at this time and therefore further technical comment is not possible.

While the AS/NZS1891 Series is undergoing this detailed review, the current Standard remains in place.

It is anticipated that Committee work will take another 12 months to complete its review process, and then the revised drafts will be issued for the public comment process. Depending on the number and complexity of comments received, it could be another 12 months before the revised Standard is released.

In spite of rumours in the market place, AS/NZS5532 - Manufacturing requirements for single point anchor devices IS NOT under review by the SF015 Committee and the existing published Standard remains in force. There is currently no proposal with Standards Australia to undertake any review of this Standard.


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