Confined Spaces

WAHA Endorsed Confined Space Training Companies

At the present time, the WAHA does not have an assessment criteria by which it can say that a training organisation can be endorsed, or that it provides content that meets the course content standards. However a process of peer assessment is being developed in the future that will be implemented to enable the organisation to achieve this.

In the interim, a process of self-assessment is available for members, whereby they will be shown in this location as a pre-approved vendor, provided they sign a document to verify that the their courses offer will:

  1. Meet the minimum course content requirements of the WAHA;
  2. Meet the minimum course length requirements of the WAHA;
  3. Student/Teacher ratios are relevant for the courses on offer;
  4. Be delivered under the guidance of an RTO and that all courses issued will have a Nationally recognised competency issued as a result of the course being successfully completed;
  5. Involve both theory and practical components to maximise participant knowledge and skills assessment.

Accordingly, the following companies meet this criteria:

Full Members:

Working in Confined Spaces

Associate Members:

Working in Confined Spaces