Confined Spaces

WAHA Endorsed Confined Space Equipment Suppliers


Manufacturers of confined Space equipment sold in Australia are required to operate at a very high level. Despite product Standards not being mandatory, there is a very strong demand and specification from consumers of fall protection equipment to carry certification due to the self-regulation, risk management process in the local environment.

The strong specification of Standards by companies assists to help them in turn demonstrate the intention to ensure workers are using the safest products they can, in alignment with local conditions. Standards are often referred to in Codes of Practice, increasing their alignment to legislative compliance.

WAHA Endorsed Manufacturers

At the present time, the WAHA does not have an assessment criteria by which it can say that a manufacturing organisation can be endorsed, or assess if their products are third-party certified. However a process of peer assessment is being developed in the near future and will be implemented to enable the organisation to achieve this.

Many manufacturers are founding members of the WAHA, demonstrating their commitment to the industry and towards to objects of the association. The WAHA consequently recognises and supports those manufacturers who aim to comply with product and other quality Standards as well as the relevant industry codes being developed to improve the standards of installation, training and product quality in industry.

A process of self-assessment is consequently available for members, whereby they will be promoted in this location as an approved manufacturer, provided they sign a document to verify that the products they manufacture meet the requirements of the WAHA (based on Australian Standards principles). Accordingly, the following companies meet this criteria:

Full Members:

These manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to the local confined space safety industry through their financial support of the WAHA. Discuss your specific height safety needs with the manufacturers or their appointed distributors.


Some manufacturers will supply product directly to consumers of fall protection, however they are in the minority. Most manufacturers choose to supply product through a distributors, due to the ease of access of the equipment and opportunity to present the product on shelf in many locations. This is often supported through the ability to display equipment and have it on hand to trial.

Contact your preferred equipment manufacturer to locate a distributor suitable for your needs.