Industry Codes

Industry Codes are documents published by the WAHA that assist to establish minimum standards of installation as well as provide guidelines on documentation and other best-practice standards for installers of height safety and fall protection equipment in the Australian market.

These documents are presently in various stages of development. Below is listed a summary of the current publications and those that are being prepared for industry in the coming 2 years. The industry codes are being developed by WAHA members, in consultation with regulators, manufacturers, installation companies and training organisations.

Installation companies who are endorsed by the WAHA agree to abide by the principles of the industry code supported by the WAHA.

Industry Code Name Date Issued Date Due for Issue Version Number
Anchors November 2017  N/A 3
Anchors, Horizontal & Vertical Lifelines N/A  December, 2017 1
Walkway, Guardrail, Platforms and Permanent Ladders N/A July 2018 1