Height Safety

Certifying Bodies

Whilst all Australian and New Zealand Standards are developed and overseen by Standards Australia, it is the role of the certifying bodies to interpret and apply the standards that are created. Typically, certifying bodies are independent commercial organisations that make a profit through the provision of auditing services to ensure that a manufacturer’s product or service can meet a defined standard.

Certifying bodies are overseen by the organisation JAS/ANZ, which ensures that the certifying body itself is complying with the application of their principles and business operations consistently. In order for the certifying body to perform their assessments, the manufacturer must independently engage the organisation they choose to oversee the manufacturing and testing process.

In some instances, the certifying body may have test facilities in which to conduct testing – in other cases the organisation can attend the manufacturer’s premises or a third party testing house nominated by the manufacturer to oversee the testing process.

At the completion of a successful test in alignment with the Standards, the certifying body will issue an approval for the manufacturer to mark their product with their logo to demonstrate to the consumer of the product that the product have demonstrated conformance.

Ongoing testing of the product and a regular review of the manufacturer’s quality management system are other services recommended to ensure standards are maintained.