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About the tests
The tests followed the methodology of the dynamic test requirements of AS/NZS5532, which is part of the AS/NZS1891 series of standards.

Test 14 - Surface mount anchor

This surface mounted anchor is rated for one-person use and used for fall arrest or fall restraint. It is installed to the manufacturer¹s instructions for this test. It fails and the anchor tears out of the substrate and drops the load. The compliance plates, certificates of installation and user instructions claim a 15kN/one person. It fails the test.

Test 19 – Top mount anchor

This top mounted anchor is rated for 2 person use. It is installed to the manufacturer¹s instructions. When tested it fails as you can see in the video. The anchor tears out of the structure and drops the load. The compliance plates for the anchors and installation instructions certify them for 2 person/22kN use.

Test 18 – Ladder line test

These types of vertical aluminum ladders are typically between 6m and 14m high. These ladders have compliance plates which state that they are capable of sustaining a 15kn load and are certified for one user. The certificate of installation say the same. Since they are rated to 15kN, the top anchor that holds the ladder line was tested to the same methodology as the anchor requirements. There is no other test for ladder line attachment points, so the AS/NZS5532 test was applied. When tested, the top anchor point fails, releasing the load to drop to the ground as you can see in the video.

Test 20 - ladder line test 2

These ladders are between 6.3m and 14m in height and sold in modular kit form. There is no mandatory training requirement to install these and anyone can buy them. Some ladders have compliance plates and some have none at all. This ladder is usually used by a single person and as such the tests were conducted using the one person AS/NZS5532 15kN test. There is no other test prescribed in the AS/NZS189 standards, apart from the AS/NZS5532 tests. For that reason the one person, 15kN test was used. As you can see in the video, the ladder fails when it is tested and drops the load.

Test ­ top mount anchor

This top-mounted anchor point is rated to 22kN and 2 person use and is fixed to the purlins following the manufacturer¹s instructions. A worker attached to it using a harness and it is rated for fall arrest and can be used in fall restraint (work positioning). The manufacturer claims compliance with Australian Standards, compliance plates and the installation certification reflects this. When tested, the component that is attached to the workers rope attachment snaps off, as you can see, and the load drops to the ground.