Improving the
standard of
safety of those
people required to
work at height.

Height Safety Industry to Become Co-ordinated


We are excited to announce the expansion of the Fall Prevention Manufacturers Association to include other industry segments- including end users - involved in managing safe working at height. With a mission to become the peak industry body on height, WAHA has grown to represent the interests of manufacturers, installers, distributers, training companies, as well as end users, which is an expansion of the FPMA's previous scope.

The Fall Protection Manufacturers Association (FPMA), which was formed in 2006, is currently expanding its sphere of influence to cover all businesses involved with the requirements of managing safe working at height. It is planned that the new Working at Height Association (WAHA) will become

the peak industry body and will represent the interests of manufacturers and installers, through to distributors and training companies as well as end users and related industry associations. The Association has three classes of membership – Full, Associate and Affiliate – based on the level of involvement and contribution of the member within their industry segment.

All Members will be required to comply with the highest technical and ethical standards within their industry segment and to work with the Association on the continual improvement of the levels of safety of those required to work at height.

The Association will provide a number of forums for members to discuss, research and take action on industry issues and will actively lobby on behalf of the industry with the appropriate government agencies, other authorities and related associations

The Association already has a proposal with Standards Australia to fund the development of a new Australian Standard on single point anchors – a standard currently conspicuous by its absence