Australian Standards Update

February 22, 2017

The Association Technical Committee representatives, working as part of the Australian Standards SF015 Committee, are continuing with the process of revising AS/NZS1891 Parts 1 to 3. This will likely result in a reformatting of the Standard into different parts – with the current view being:-

AS/NZS1891.1 – Harnesses
AS/NZS1891.2 – Horizontal Lifeline & Rail Systems
AS/NZS1891.3 – Fall Arrest Devices
AS/NZS1891.5 – Lanyard Assemblies and Pole Straps
AS/NZS1891.6 – Ancillary Equipment

Some of these Standards will include the adoption of selected overseas / international Standards.

AS/NZS1891.4 – Selection Use and Maintenance will be reviewed in light of the changes made to the manufacturing and testing Standards. A time schedule has not yet been agreed for this activity.

The current plan is that any proposed review of AS/NZS5532 (Single point anchor manufacturing and testing Standard) will not commence until all sections of AS/NZS1891 have been issued for public comment.

The Rope Access Standard AS/NZS4488 has been slated for review due to its age. However, the Standards Committee elected to have the Standard confirmed for an additional 2 year period. This will allow the Committee to clear all 1891 and 5532 work before that review commences. Some of the issues relating to equipment (such as climbing helmets) will be covered in AS/NZS1891.5 which may result in the eventual adoption of an ISO Standard as a direct replacement of AS/NZS4488.